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FREE shipping on all orders over $75!
FREE shipping on all orders over $75!


  • $10.99

    Basstrix Flash Trix

    Hand-poured one at a time to provide detail and results like nothing else on the market, the Basstrix Flash Trix features a bite-sized baitfish pro...

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  • $8.99

    Basstrix Live Trix 3" 5pk

    Designed to be the ultimate anatomically correct baitfish imitation, the Basstrix Live Trix features a tall, slender, and keeled profile that makes...

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  • $7.99

    Basstrix Mini Trix 2" 7pk

    One of the most realistic and highly detailed micro finesse lures on the market to date, the Basstrix Mini Trix breaks the mold of the same redunda...

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  • from $0.00

    Basstrix Paddle Tail Swimbait

    Possessing an ultra-realistic appearance, and thumping swimming action, the Basstrix Paddle Tail Swimbait is the original hollow body swimbait. Red...

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    from $0.00