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FREE shipping on all orders over $75!

6th Sense Provoke 106DD Jerkbait

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Color: Ditch Weed

Designed by the 6th Sense pro staff with a less intrusive approach in mind, the 6th Sense Provoke 106DD Jerkbait provides anglers with the same erratic deep diving action as the original but now with silent acoustics. Built with a uniquely tapered bill design to create phenomenal darting and turning motion with each twitch of the rod tip, the 106DD jerkbait comes armed with three sticky sharp treble hooks to ensure your success with short-striking predators.

Featuring a slow floating or suspending action depending on the water temperature, the 6th Sense Provoke 106DD Silent Jerkbait dives to an average depth of 4-7ft but will reach depths of 8-9ft when using 8-10lb test. Equipped with a precisely tuned internal weight transfer system to greatly increase your casting distance, the 6th Sense Provoke 106DD Silent Jerkbait comes to life with 3D eyes, realistic scales, gill plates, and a wide range of premium paint jobs.

 6th Sense Length Weight Depth
Provoke 106DD Silent 4-1/6" 5/8oz 4-7ft