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Daiwa Tatula Simms Promotion! Learn More

Daiwa Steez A TW 100 Casting Reel


Emphasizing long cast performance and a relaxed trajectory with medium to heavy-sized lures, the Daiwa Steez A 100 Casting Reel leverages Daiwa’s G1 Duralumin MAG-Z Boost Spool to increase flight distance as much as your cast effort. Delivering ultra-smooth and powerful retrieves with HyperDrive design, the Steez A 100 casting reel provides a high level of durability with four key technologies to create a peak example of design, function, and innovation. Hyper Armed Housing features a lightweight aluminum frame and side plate for maximum rigidity and precision performance of the internal components, while the reinforced Hyper Tough Clutch ensures a high level of durability through the use of a shielded clutch system.

Rotating the spool without any loss of power, the HyperDrive DigiGear uses teeth that have been made larger than conventional gears to improve the strength in the rotation field for precise and comfortable winding. The HyperDrive Design also uses a two-bearing support system for zero flex of the pinion gear, and when coupled with Daiwa’s patented T-Wing system, its wide aperture greatly increases casting distance. Finished with an audible-clicking automatic tournament drag system (ATD), the Daiwa Steez A 100 Casting Reel is finely tuned to react quickly with a smooth start-up that eliminates tension inertia and always lets you know when to let the fish take line.


- HyperDrive Design
- G1 Duralumin MAG-Z Boost Spool
- T- Wing System
- Zero Adjust
- Aluminum Frame and Side Plate
- Automatic Tournament Drag (ATD)
- 90mm Swept Handle
- Audible Clicking Drag