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Daiwa Tatula Simms Promotion! Learn More

Deps NZ Crawler

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Color: Albino Catfish

The Deps NZ Crawler offers a large profile and a tantalizing action that will have big bass drooling. Featuring two large stainless steel wings that create an alluring swimming motion and unique splashing sound, its extra wide body also moves a tremendous amount of water. For an added level of attraction, the NZ Crawler is also fitted with a #4 Colorado blade on the tail that delivers a subtle flash and a small bubble trail as it moves across the water’s surface. The NZ Crawler can be fished at any retrieve speed and its wing system can be bent and adjusted to change the amount of noise and commotion it creates to match the mood of the fish and water conditions. It is also equipped with two sticky sharp Japanese treble hooks that are fixed to swiveling hook hangers, which increases its hook-up ratio and reduces the leverage fish have to throw the bait. Available in a range of custom hand-painted colors, the Deps NZ Crawler delivers big-time attraction that gets even bigger bites.