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Daiwa Tatula Simms Promotion! Learn More

Dirty Jigs HD Swim Bait Head

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Color: Blue Shad
Dirty Jigs Tackle, an industry leader in custom jigs is proud to introduce their HD Swim bait Head, identical to Dirty Jigs Swim bait Head, but only beefier. Originally designed for Umbrella rigs, the Dirty Jigs Tackle Swim bait Head is equally effective for everyday swim bait fishing. Backed with a 3X Mustad Ultra Point jig hook, this jig is made for heavy hitters. Keeping soft plastic trailers secure, the Dirty Jigs Swim bait Head offers a double wire lock bait keeper, enhancing the durability and life of each trailer. Available in realistic baitfish patterns, the Dirty Jigs HD Swim bait Head is an excellent choice for your umbrella of swim bait fishing needs.