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Daiwa Tatula Simms Promotion! Learn More

Ima Finesse Popper

Color: Baby Bass

The Ima Finesse Popper is a bite-sized topwater lure that will no doubt catch big bass. This popper can do it all. It pops and spits water just like a traditional popper, but it also gracefully glides and allows anglers to walk it side-to-side with ease.  The Ima Finesse Popper excels when the bass are keying on small baitfish or when there’s increased fishing pressure and the bass are in a finicky mood.

Featuring high quality hardware, the Finesse Popper is fitted with razor sharp treble hooks, including a hand-tied feather treble in the rear for additional attraction.  It also features a subtle rattle system that produces faint acoustics and vibrations to help trigger cautious fish into striking.  Available in a range of immaculate colors, the Ima Finesse Popper delivers big action in a small package.

Ima Length Weight Class
Finesse Popper 2.6" 3/8oz Topwater