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FREE shipping on all orders over $75!

Ima Glide Fluke Glide Bait

Color: Electric Shad

Designed by FLW Tour pro and certified Fisheries Biologist, Michael Murphy, the Ima Glide Fluke Glide Bait blends the action of a soft plastic jerkbait and a glide bait into one deadly lure. It is built with a two-piece construction and features a narrow wedge cut in the joint. This combination allows it to carry on the natural side-to-side swimming action of a Threadfin Shad, Gizzard Shad, and Blueback Herring when using a steady retrieve. Its boat-shaped head and channeled groove along the top also gives it the ability to produce an erratic darting action, while keeping the head pointed upward to protect the line from fowling on the hooks when twitched with the rod tip.

For an additional level of attraction, the Glide Fluke Glide Bait’s weight system is perfectly balanced and allows it to fall horizontally with a subtle quivering action like a soft stick bait when paused. Equipped with two sticky sharp treble hooks for faster hook penetration, its rear treble hook is also placed further back on the tail to help increase hook up ratios from short striking fish. Available in a wide range of highly realistic colors, the Ima Glide Fluke Glide Bait gives anglers the power of multiple lures in one.