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Daiwa Tatula Simms Promotion! Learn More

Keitech Paddlin' Beaver 7pk

Color: Black & Blue

The Paddlin’ Beaver is a specialized beaver-style bait that is equipped with a substantial tail. The offset, heavy-weight paddle not only helps to deliver ultra-long casting performance, but its thick ribbing also moves a ton of water while fluttering seductively on the lift and fall. This unique design provides both vertical and horizontal action which is enhanced with a series of micro-appendages at the base of the body that add supplemental action.

Serving as an anchor for the enticing tail, the Keitech Paddlin' Beaver features an aquadynamic oval body with key properties to make fishing the soft plastic easier than ever. The nose relies on a thicker section of plastic to better accommodate thick hooks and robust keeper systems. Further down the belly anglers will find a hook channel that makes finding the perfect hook placement incredibly simple and repeatable. The top side of the Paddlin’ Beaver supports a pair of molded eyes for added realism as well as a point guard system that shelters your hook’s point from snaggy vegetation. Flip it, pitch it, add it to your favorite free rig, powershot rig, or jig, the Keitech Paddlin' Beaver is a deadly tool no matter how you fish it!