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Daiwa Tatula Simms Promotion! Learn More

Megabass Deep-X 150

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Color: Aka Toro

The Megabass Deep-X 150 crankbait builds upon the success of the Deep-X series, which is renowned worldwide for the revolutionary advancements made in deep water crankbait fishing. The Deep-X 150 takes the unique features of its deeper diving predecessors and puts them into a shallower diving package, making for a crankbait that is equally as deadly, but far more versatile. The Deep-X 150 reaches a maximum depth of around 12 feet, but performance minded tuning allows it to begin achieving its most effective wobble action anywhere between 1 meter and its maximum depth. This is in contrast to most other crankbaits on the market, which only reach their maximum productivity once they've reached their maximum diving depth. In addition, the Deep-X 150 is tuned to acrobatically dart sideways upon contact with deep underwater structure, adding another action that will appeal to bass that have grown wise to the straight retrieve.