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Megabass Limberlamber

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Color: Hasu

Finally, the eagerly awaited final weapon of S-method arrives from Megabass! Its name is XS135 LIMBERLAMBER. XS refers to the "drum" manufactured by ITO Engineering, which changed the air content in the air block material, bringing about overwhelming fishing performance. Megabass Factory uses this technology, and finishes by hand to make the Limberlamber. The S-shaped action automatically generated by straight retrieve causes a sharp change in direction, with overwhelming turn-in and kick. XS transmits the action in the water to the hands of the angler clearly, overcoming a common complaint with conventional swimbaits. Therefore, its air block material of high buoyancy reacts to the angler's rod work quickly. It completes the wide slide and dart in the water, aggressive escape and dash, and produces underwater dog walk with sharper action in a shorter retrieve period. LIMBERLAMBER mimics the action of real bait itself, enticing otherwise neutral monster bass to attack. XS has one other variant, Type FS (Fast Sink) which targets deeper water monster bass.