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Daiwa Tatula Simms Promotion! Learn More

Megabass Sleeper Gill Swimbaits

Color: Pink Back

Sleeper Gill Swimbaits now offer anglers an alternative profile to target those panfish-gobbling bass. Featuring an adaptation of their signature dorsal fin weedguard, the Sleeper Gill can be cast in those cover-choked waters where other baits fear to swim while still maintaining an incredibly natural profile that will fool the most veteran fish in your water. Just under the concealed hook, the body relies on a hollow zone that quickly compresses to convert more bites and optimize your hook-up ratios.

Just like their Dark Sleeper cousins, the Megabass Sleeper Gill Swimbaits rely on a low center of gravity design with pectoral fin balancers that collaborate to maintain bottom-contact swimming stability. This construction allows for stealthy approaches through complex structure while enabling the Sleeper Gills to remain upright in a foraging position on the pause. To the rear of the meticulously detailed gill-style body, bass will be mesmerized by the highly responsive tail that imparts a gentle wag when crawled along the bottom and an excited kick when swam along higher in the water column. A productive alternative to traditional swimbaits, the Megabass Sleeper Gill Swimbaits’ unrivaled realism and alluring slow-retrieve capabilities make them a deadly addition to any swimbait arsenal.