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Optimum baits Victory Tail Soft Jerkbait

Color: Sexy Shad

The completely versatile Optimum Victory Tail utilizes the same technologically advanced design principles as the Opti Shad, but possesses an elongated minnow style body and tapered forked tail section. A collaboration between Optimum Baits and Lucky Craft, it combines the best attributes of the of the Lucky Craft Lipless Wander and the Optimum Double Diamond. Interweaving the action and esthetics of a proven hard bait with the performance and versatility of a proven soft bait has produced a lure that encompasses virtually every aspect of a real baitfish. While the unbridled action and intense vibration of the Optimum Double Diamond is often required, there are frequently just as many situations where a more natural and subtle presentation is also extremely beneficial. The lipless Wander was intentionally chosen because of its amazing horizontal fluttering action and unique rolling action, which in turn produces dramatic intermittent side flashes.

This streamlined swimmer has an incredibly realistic slithering action that is perfectly suited for literally unlimited applications in both fresh and salt water. It’s trademark extra sensitive tail design functions in unison with the body for unrestricted fluid motion, which translates into the body and tail moving simultaneously emulating the exact characteristics of a live baitfish. In a class of its own, the Victory Shad doesn’t share the typical thicker, bulkier bodies of the soft swim baits and jerk baits saturated within today’s market place

Part of the Mad Scientist series, the Optimum Victory Tail is offered in 3 or 5-inch sizes and both versions are superb for matching narrow bodied forage such as minnows, creek chubs, dace, eels, suckers and shiners.

Effective rigging options include: offset hook (weightless or weighted),  light jig heads (1/16 to 3/8 ounce) ,  Carolina rig,  Texas rig,  Neko rig (head inserted nail weight),  split shot, spinner bait trailer,  chatter bait trailer,  metal jig/spoon trailer and of course Alabama rig/umbrella rig trailers.