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Daiwa Tatula Simms Promotion! Learn More

Phenix Baits Vibrator Jig with Hand Tied Skirt

Color: Angler's Gill

Sacrificing nothing in quality, form, function, and value, the Phenix Vibrator Jig is constructed with top-of-the-line components that deliver dependability and superior performance. The Vibrator Jig features a patent-pending blade connection that produces the ultimate combination of vibration, erratic action, and weedlessness. With near perfect action the Vibrator Jig can be fished in any depth zone at anytime of the year. It works great up shallow around docks, over the top of submerged grass beds, or crawled along the bottom of offshore structure. Outfitted with high-quality skirting material that is attached with a rubber skirt keeper for maximum flaring action, it is also equipped with a razor sharp 5/0 Mustad Needle Point Hook for the highest hooking potential possible. A coned bait keeper also keeps your trailer firmly in place when navigating through cover.