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Daiwa Tatula Simms Promotion! Learn More

Picasso Bait Ball Pulse Junior

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The Picasso Bait Ball Pulse was developed in collaboration with professional guide Lonnie Cochran on famous Lake Guntersville. Constructed with a light gauge wire that contracts closer together when the rod is popped imitating the life like action of a tightly bunched up school of bait fish, it then quickly snaps open creating the behavior of startled bait fish. This “pulsing” action draws viscous strikes and getting double and triple catches are common. The low-visibility (Inviz Wire) heat treated brown reduces flash and is super durable. Equipped with a durable light weight plastic head and embedded nose swivel that prevents line twist and also prevents the fish from leveraging itself off when hooked. The blades are perfectly sized to reduce drag and provide flash and vibration to attract the fish while keeping the rig down in the strike zone without getting lift. Each wire features a sliding sleeve that allows for quick and easy replacement of any damaged or worn terminal swivels. This can be particularly critical during tournament situations when rigging up an entirely new Umbrella Rig can take up much needed time. Equipped with heavy duty American made premium components including a 140lb nose swivel, and 75lb terminal snap swivels to keep your swim baits secure. Made In the USA. Wire Length 8”.