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Shimano Miravel Spinning Reels

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The newest addition to Shimano's MagnumLite series of spinning reels, the Shimano Miravel Spinning Reels deliver lightweight powerful performance with a design that offers fierce versatility for the multi-species angler. Built around the legendary carbon-infused Ci4+ body to provide a lightweight platform with increased sensitivity, the Shimano Miravel Spinning Reels also feature a MagnumLite rotor to allow for a smooth starting retrieves and quick hooksets.

Built to provide durable gearing with tighter tolerances for smooth reeling operability, the Miravel sports a trifecta of Shimano's superior reel technologies including cold-forged Hagane gearing, Silent Drive, and X-Ship to boost your performance on the water. Ready to help anglers conquer whatever challenge that presents itself, the Shimano Miravel Spinning Reels provide water-resistant protection at the roller clutch, body, and line roller so anglers fish in tough conditions with confidence.

- Ci4+ Carbon-Infused Body
- MagnumLite Rotor
- HAGANE Gear technology
- CoreProtect
- SilentDrive
- X-Ship
- Propulsion Line Management System
- G-Free Body
- Cross Carbon Drag