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FREE shipping on all orders over $75!
FREE shipping on all orders over $75!

X-Zone Adrenaline Craw 4.25"

Color: 309

The new X Zone Pro Series Adrenaline Craw is the brain child of one of the hottest anglers on earth; Brandon Palaniuk!! 

This exciting new bait is fresh for 2021!

The super aggressive claws produce unbelievable action . Use alone for great swimming action, tip your jig with it to give great water disturbance or add it to your chatter bait for unmatched performance. 

Floating Claws are also featured on this bait! Never has a bait with such aggressive attributes been offered with floating claws. Perfect presentation, every time!

Use what Palaniuk uses and get the 4.25" Adrenaline Craw!