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Daiwa Tatula Simms Promotion! Learn More

Z-Man Gobius Swimbait 3"

Color: Green Pumpkin Goby

Featuring a small rounded paddle tail to deliver subtle yet lifelike swimming action, the Z-Man Gobius Swimbait is a super life-like pre-rigged goby imitation designed with a highly refined body, gill plates, fins, and tail details. Molded from Z-Man’s 10X Tough Elaztech super-plastics to outlast the competition by a wide margin, the combination of balanced weighting and highly buoyant plastic enables a tail-up posture when at rest to mimic a small baitfish feeding on the bottom.

Armed with a custom 1/0 medium wire black nickel sickle hook, the Z-Man Gobius Swimbait is built with a split dorsal fin brush guard and structure jig lead harness to provide excellent sang-resistance and allow it to easily deflect off of cover. Finished with hand-painted body details and life-like eyes to create an extremely natural appearance, the Z-Man Gobius Swimbait is available in a variety of vibrant color patterns and multiple sizes to effectively fish all depths of the water column.

Weight Length
3/8oz 3"
1/2oz 3"
3/4oz 3"